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Travel to Mexico

How do I travel safely to Mexico?

Do you travel to Mexico by car? Are you worried about your safety?

We have a way to make you feel safer while you are there, but that is not all, here we will give you some tips to keep you safe during your trip. There are many frauds that could happen to you if you do not take precautions, we will inform you all about this and how you can avoid it.

Electronic theft: People who have been in Mexico have been spared and have made large and unknown charges by stealing their card numbers and information.

Here is an example of how it could happen: You go to a legitimate establishment and the information on your card could be stolen by an employee, written down or using a magnetic device. It can even happen at an ATM, these special ATMs have hidden cameras to take your card information, so, later, we recommend that you withdraw money only at banks’ ATMs.

Watch your bank statements so you can report unknown charges immediately. The police force and the army carry out checkpoints at times to fight organized crime.

It is true that there are also false control points that organize crime, but it is rare that people get involved in something serious in these cases.


The kidnapping rates have decreased significantly in Mexico in recent years, it was mainly local people, do not worry about this problem as it is not so likely nowadays,

Although there is one thing you should know, there are criminals who call you or one of your relatives declaring that they have your loved one in their custody, you will hear someone cry and beg to make them believe that it is really happening, then they will ask for money and they will say they will hurt you if you do not pay a certain amount.

Here is what you can do: call the person you say you have abducted, if you do not answer, do not be alarmed, may be busy, call the people close to that person and make sure the person is okay, but in In most cases these calls are not real.

Mexico is not always as dangerous as they say.

The first thing you should know is that Mexico is one of the most visited countries by people from all over the world. Mexico receives 24 million tourists a year, its beautiful beaches, its rich culture and colorful streets attract many people from different countries. But there is another side of Mexico that people talk about and fear. It is true that bad things happen, but these things also happen in many other places.

Another thing you should know about Mexico is that its people are very welcoming, they tend to make people feel welcome in their home, therefore, people will be at peace with you as long as it does not hurt anyone or it is a risk for others, since most of the places that tourists go are full of people, there are no risks there. Just try to avoid being alone in dark places.

These tips are generally pretty general for anyone traveling anywhere, you always have to be prepared. However, tourists around the world are targets for thieves, there are some things you can do to ensure their safety.

  • Do a little research on your destiny.

There is information from many cities on the Internet, you can find out if it is safe to go to certain places or not, there are areas with higher crime rate than others and you can find out so you can be aware of it. While you are there.

  • Do not carry valuables with you.

Think twice before taking a valuable item, you may not even need it, and since there is a risk that it may be stolen, it is best to leave it at home.

  • Integrate with others.

As you know, tourists are the targets, so try not to be too obvious about the fact that you do not know where you are, because if it is, the thieves will notice and take advantage of it.

Go to ATMs at banks only.

If you need to withdraw money from your account, be sure to do it at an ATM inside a bank, do not use ATMs in other places because it could be a fake ATM that will take all your money.

Keep your money with you in a safe place at all times; If you need to withdraw money, be discreet.

  • Do not carry a lot of cash.

If you are going to use cash, just take enough for that day, try not to take all your money in cash, leave it in the safe in your hotel room or in a safe place, wherever you are. Keep your passport or other important documents or things you may have.

It could also be useful if you have the international phone number of your card company in case you need it if you lose your card.

  • Ask about the areas of the city.

If you researched about the city you will be traveling to before you arrive, it’s good, but you can always get more information, ask the staff of the hotel where you are staying or your host if you are staying with someone or in an Airbnb about the areas of the city what you should avoid

  • Stay alert

No one wants to be too drunk in a country they do not know. Although tequila, margaritas and micheladas are great and drinking in Mexico can be a very fun activity, try not to get too drunk, if you get too drunk you will be an even easier target. If you do, try to do it at your hotel or nearby and try not to have too much money with you.

  • All psychoactive substances are illegal in Mexico

Despite what you may think, until now all drugs except alcohol are illegal in Mexico, do not take drugs that are offered, not only because you should not accept drugs from strangers, but also because you could be arrested.

  • Public transportation

If you need to use public transportation, especially buses, in Mexico City you should be very careful with pickpockets because in these vehicles many people are robbed.

It’s easy for thieves because buses can fill up a lot and that’s how they are handled.

When it comes to taxis in Mexico City, you should never take one from the street, ask your hotel to ask for a taxi or ask for an Uber. Take note of the license plates of the car and the name of the driver.

  • Beware of minor risks.

These things may seem unimportant, but you should also be careful with these small risks, such as:

  • Mosquitoes

Many places in Mexico, especially tropical areas, are home to these small animals that can carry lethal diseases such as Zika, Chikungunya, Dengue and Malaria.

Sleep with the windows open only if there are mosquito nets, but be prepared with mosquito repellent lotions or environmental mosquito repellent, you will not want to go home with any disease.

  • Sunburn.

You can get sun burned with the sun anywhere in the world if you do not have enough care, but the temperature on Mexican beaches can be very high and you should use UV protection.

  • Intestinal infections:

You can find expired or infected foods around the world,

Mexican food can be very spicy, so if you’re not used to spicy foods you may have diarrhea, but you can avoid infections by taking antibiotics before you go to the trip and remember to stay hydrated, although you should know that tap water is not safe for drink everywhere, make sure you can drink the tap water, otherwise, buy bottles of water, it’s cheaper than you think.

The most important thing you will need is a car insurance, not many companies offer coverage outside the US. UU And it is not valid in Mexico, so if your insurance policy does not cover it outside of the US. UU., You can get a policy that will be effective while you are in Mexico, we have two different options:

Full car insurance coverage, which includes:

  • Collision (Deductible 2% of the ACV vehicle with a minimum of 100 dlls.)
  • Integral (deductible 5% of the ACV of the vehicle with a minimum of 200 dlls.)
  • Single combined liability limit (CSL)
  • Medical expenses
  • Legal assistance and assistance on the road at no additional cost.

Basic coverage:

  • Single combined liability limit (CSL)
  • Medical expenses
  • Legal assistance and roadside assistance included (offered in most cases)
  • If you get one of our Insurance policies, you can start feeling even more secure because now:

Your medical expenses in an accident will be covered, although we hope that nothing happens.

You, your family and your car will be protected. Driving a car without insurance can be dangerous, especially when traveling to other countries, do not risk it and enjoy your well-protected vacations.

Now you know, you should take some safety precautions, but you are free to have fun, stop worrying and enjoy your vacations. So do not hesitate and get your insurance.

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