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Landlord Insurance

Nowadays, having landlord insurance is highly recommended when renting a property. The need to protect the home and the assets in it is one of the factors that generates doubts when leasing. This specialized product offered by insurers and in this case Aseguranza de Auto is for the protection of the renter.

If you are a homeowner and also a renter, protect your property with a multi-peril home policy. Seek peace of mind and protect your finances from large expenses when you have a breakdown or problem within the home. Safeguard your property, your money, and the civil liabilities derived from damages to third parties. Get landlord insurance.

There are the insurances that we catalog as essential for those who want to protect their investments. Renters insurance is one. Homeowners policies can be defined as insurance that covers different risks (civil unrest and structural damage, fire, leakage, theft, and so on). For your convenience, all accidental risks are covered by a single policy: Homeowners Insurance.

Thinking of getting landlord insurance?

Although it may seem strange, getting a landlord insurance policy is not compulsory for renters or leases. In any case, the tenants will have to cover the expenses for eventual damages that occur to the property. This is where landlord insurance would act.

Among the typical guarantees offered by a homeowner’s policy is that of indemnifying the tenant in the event of an accident. This guarantee is activated when, in effect, there are risk events that damage the integrity of the property. For example, the explosion of a gas pipe, a fire or the impact of lightning on the ceiling. All events that have little or nothing to do with negligence and lack of responsibility on the part of the tenant.

What is taken into account when hiring a home or rental property insurance?

Home insurance may differ from one another depending on the company and the needs of the insured. In this case, Aseguranza de Auto offers coverage aimed at the tenants’ equity who are affected by claims. Homeowners insurance protects against impairment that can pose purely accidental risks.

When hiring this type of coverage, the insured will have to provide as many details about the property as possible. Therefore, it is recommended to support everything with graphic documentation of the state of the house and with invoices. In any case, homeowners insurance works like any other multi-peril policy. The insurer agrees to pay the insured, in exchange for a premium, in the event of a claim or damage.

Upon formalizing the contract, a document will be issued containing the following information

  • The concept for which it is insured.
  • The name of the insured and the insurer.
  • The direction of the furniture.
  • The total value of the property or also called “continent”. This includes floors, walls, pipes, electrical installations, wiring among others.
  • The objects to be secured (if it is the case). Considering that for an asset to be considered insurable, its value must be higher than that set by the company.
  • The sum insured.
  • The total amount of the premium.
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Posted ByItzel DominguezOnOctober 29,2020

Itzel Dominguez

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