Earthquake Insurance California

If you live in a seismic zone, you need to protect your home from earthquake hazards with earthquake insurance. We tell you how.

An earthquake or earthquake can cause damage to the structure of your house. From damaging the foundations and causing the walls to fall, not to mention that belongings and other objects that may be important inside the house can be lost.


An insurance policy for your home, be owner or rentes , will not cover earthquake damage unless it causes a fire or flood and your home is uninhabitable. It will cover in the same way the expenses generated by lodging while they repair your house.


Your vehicles with full coverage will also be covered in case of earthquake damage.


Earthquake coverage for your home is available in a separate policy.


What is the cost of Earthquake Insurance?

Knowing if you need earthquake insurance is now more important with latest events in different areas of the country. If you are considering buying a home in a seismic zone, you should consider the cost of an earthquake insurance policy.


You can ask a series of questions to see if you need this policy:


Is it possible for me to pay for earthquake repairs to my home?

Can I replace valuables inside my home if they are destroyed or damaged?

Can I pay for lodging and other expenses that are generated while my house is being repaired?


In case you answered ” no ” to at least one of the questions, we highly recommend having a policy with earthquake coverage.


Prices may vary depending on the risk in the area where your home is located. These policies are also handled through a deductible and can be higher than renters insurance or home insurance.


You can contact us to discuss your needs and we can determine how much coverage you require in your case. Call 888-350-5050 today