Salvage Vehicle

Having finished with repairs a car that had already been declared as a total loss (salvage car) must be re-registered because before the state, that car no longer exists. You must start a completely different registration process, this car will no longer have a “clean title”, it will have a salvage title which shows that the car has been repaired and works again.

First, we must clarify that there are three types of Salvaged Vehicles that were placed by the DMV of the State of California:

  • Rescued vehicle: a vehicle that has been destroyed and/or damaged and is very expensive to repair.
  • Resurrected Rescue: A salvage car that has been repaired and registered.
  • Junk Car: A car that has been reported to the DMV as dismantled.

There are different versions of salvage and their processes are a bit different to register a car that had been discarded. It is similar to the registration and the new registration of a salvaged car.

What do I need to register my Salvage car?

To request a Salvage Title, you must submit the following:

  • A complete Application for Rescue Certificate or Nonrepairable Vehicle Certificate (Form Reg 488C).
  • Proof of ownership with an appropriate endorsement: Certificate of title.
  • Application for duplicate or paperless title (form REG 227).
  • Any sales invoice available.
  • Odometer certification (if there is no space in the certificate of title).
  • Plates If you do not have them, provide an explanation in the application.
  • Verification of the vehicle, if the title is from out of state.
  • Payment of the $ 21 recovery certificate fee.
  • Registering a car rescued in California

To register a salvage car in CA, you will need ALL of the following:

  • An Application for Title or Registration completed (Form REG 343), signed by all owners.
  • Incorporate the cost of labor to the cost of the vehicle, even if the labor was done by you.
  • Proof of ownership of the vehicle, to include: A Certificate of Rescue or a Certificate of Salvage Application (Form Reg 488C), completed and/or sent within 10 days of the agreement with your insurance company.
  • A statement of facts (form REG 256).
  • The collection fee of $ 2.
  • The title of the vehicle OR a request for the duplicate or paperless title (form REG 227).
  • Transfer and reassignment of vehicle/vessel (form REG 262), if you need to send an odometer reading. Collect this in your DMV office. Or the sales invoice (form REG 135) And the power of attorney (form REG 260), if it does not.
  • A vehicle inspection conducted by the California DMV, using a vehicle verification (form REG 31) or the California Highway Patrol (CHP), using a CHP Inspection Certification (Form CHP 97C).
  • An official brake and light adjustment certificate from an authorized repair shop. See below for more information.
  • The appropriate rates (listed below).
  • If you re-register an abandoned car, you will need a title or registration request (form REG 343).
  • Sales invoice (form REG 135).
  • Power of attorney (form REG 260).
  • An inspection of the vehicle with the DMV or CHP.
  • The official Certificate of adjustment of brakes and lights.
  • The required rates.

It’s a very complicated process, that’s why we can do it for you in a very short period of time.

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