Commercial General Liability Insurance

Running a business is a major responsibility that also involves many risks. Not only is he responsible for making sure that his day-to-day operations are fulfilled. He is in charge of keeping his assets and employees insured against damages. We can help you create a liability policy that is made to protect the best interests of your business. So you can focus on serving your clients and growing your income.

The Commercial General Liability Insurance of our Insurance can prevent you from major financial losses. If your business is sued or designated as liable in an incident you may be covered. With the appropriate policy, you can have medical expenses, legal expenses, agreements and reimbursements covered. Coverages include:

  • Premise Responsibility
  • Products and Completed Operations.
  • Medical Premises
  • Legal liability insurance against fire.
  • Coverage of coincidences.

Other types of General Commercial Civil Liability are the Responsibility of the Holders and the Responsibility for Labor Practices. If you have a self-service business, having the Warehouse Holders ‘Liability coverage will protect your customers’ vehicles. It covers fire, vandalism, theft and other damages. An option such as Labor Practices Liability will protect the employees of your business if the legal rights of an employee are violated.

Responsibility for additional General Commercial

Other types of Commercial Responsibility specialties such as Foreigners, Liquor and Concession Liability, can help you to have your business protected in the future.

  • Foreign: Protects employees traveling abroad (for business reasons) in case of injuries, damages and lawsuits
  • Liquor: Includes coverage of damages and injuries in which your business is legally designated as liable as a result of serving liquor in establishments or events or parties of the business where liquor was served.
  • Concession: Keeps your special event insured for damages, accidents or accidental injuries.

There are many types of liability coverage, it is important that you contact us to see the best options for your business.