Out-of-State Transfer

Aseguranza - Cambio de nombre transferencia de titulo

The Out-of-State Transfer is in case you are a California resident and you purchase a vehicle from another state, or you moved to California with your car registered in another state, your car must be certified to comply with California’s pollution laws and be registered in California. This includes certain diesel vehicles. The DMV can not accept a request for a change of status to California that does not qualify for registration.

How to make an Out-of-State Transfer?

Check the emission label under the hood because not all new vehicles are manufactured to make a state change to California. Many manufacturers make vehicles to be sold only in the other 49 states. These vehicles (49 states) are made with smog equipment that meets federal emission standards. But not with California standards. California certified vehicles (50 states) are manufactured to be sold in California, but there are exceptions.

After you have bought it:

Now is the time to transfer the car to you. The process of changing status is different from regular registration. You must also complete the forms we can provide. you will need:

  • Title or proof of out-of-state property signed by the registered owner.
  • DMV rates, we can give you an estimate if you provide us the date of your first transaction in CA, date and purchase price, year, model, source of purchase, market value acquired, use / sales tax paid to another state and your zip code
  • Smog certification
  • Weight certificate

Remember that all cars in California must have insurance. This does not apply to all vehicles, but it is always worth protecting your investment when obtaining insurance. We can offer you many insurance options. We will choose what best suits your needs and your budget.