Release of Liability

You need Release of Liability for a vehicle after it has been sold may seem unimportant. But it is the most important step when selling your vehicle to a third party and we explain why.

What is “Release of Liability”?

The DMV will refer to it as the “Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability” that translates to Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability. It gives us to understand that it is a notice given to the DMV to notify them that the car was sold and that we are no longer responsible for the payment of its annual registration or the annual emission check (Smog Check). As well as the demarcation of accidents that may be involved including fines or tickets.

Even if the person to whom you sold it does not change the name on the title of the vehicle, this simple procedure supports it. It does not transfer the property but this is already the responsibility of the new owner together with the fees that are owed in the future. It will also depend on the agreement reached with the new owner regarding these rates.

What should this document have?

  • Address and name of the new buyer
  • Numbering of the plates
  • The VIN number of the vehicle. (Serial number)

Why is it important to cancel a car?

A car under your name contains your information which is why it is directly connected to you. If the new owner does not change the vehicle under your name but you took over responsibility, any incident in that car will not be in your file.

There have been cases in which by not doing this procedure, the wrong people end up paying with jail or huge amounts of money. All for something that happened in a car that was sold and was no longer used by that person or because there are several years of registration fees. For this reason, we recommend that once your car becomes the property of a third party, you will be released from all responsibility for the vehicle.

As a company we have the mission to contribute to your community by simplifying things for the you. Therefore, canceling a vehicle is one of our services.

You can come to any of our offices and we will do it for you in a matter of minutes. Despite being something very important, it is also very simple. You do not need to carry forms or papers, as mentioned above you only need the identification information of the vehicle and the new owner. We do it for a very low price that anyone can pay. Best of all, you will not have to waste time in the DMV doing endless lines. You can be sure that we are going to do this because, despite not being a branch of the DMV, we are authorized suppliers.

You can contact us, we will be happy to help you!

Release of Liability