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DMV Non-Operational Status

Putting your vehicle under the PNO can save you from paying a lot for your registration. The DMV sends the vehicle owner a renewal notice on an annual basis. At that time, the owner must decide whether to renew the registration or whether it will be placed on a planned non-operational basis. It means that the vehicle will not be driven, parked or transported on public roads during that year. If the owner decides to put it under DMV non-operational, it must do so before the registration reaches its expiration date. Although it is possible to do it up to 90 days after it expires but entails late fees.

The notice has a section designated to indicate that they are going to put it under the PNO.

Non-Operational State

Once the vehicle is under non-operational status, it will be until the owner decides to register the vehicle again. The expiration date will remain the same. Each year they will continue sending you notices, which should only be answered if the owner wishes to re-register the vehicle.

Operate the vehicle under the PNO.

If the vehicle under PNO needs to be driven to take it to the workshop or for any other reason, you can do so but you must request a one day permit which we can process for you.