Vehicle Record and Driving Record ''MVR'' (Motor Vehicle Record)

Driving Record

Vehicle Record

A record is the documentation of a person’s driving record. The information in a license record includes traffic citations, vehicular crimes, accidents, DUIs (driving while intoxicated), and the number of points on the individual’s license. Additionally, these records contain personally identifiable information such as age, date of birth, gender, eye color, hair color, height, and weight. While this personal data may seem like a security concern, it can also be used as a double-checking factor to prevent identity theft.

A vehicle record can be requested with the vehicle’s VIN number or the license plate number, although it is always better and you will get more accuracy with the VIN number as it never changes and the license plate number may vary.

To request a record of your vehicle you must provide the following:

  • VIN number
  • Or, plate number
  • And finally, the reason why you are requesting this record.

Which leads us to what can be used by insurance companies to determine the price of your policy, the cleaner your record, the lower the price of your insurance.

To request this record you need the following:

  1. License number.
  2. Surname of the person.

These types of records can be especially useful to make sure that a vehicle is not stolen before buying it, but you can also identify other factors such as:

  • The name of the owner.
  • Know if it is Salvage or not.
  • Registration fees pending.
  • When was the last renewal date.
  • The last time a title was issued.
  • Know if it is in non-operational state.
  • Know if you have pending verifications.

Generally, insurance companies verify the last 5 years of your driving history. You may also be asked by an employer when you are applying for a job to determine the viability of the prospective employee. These records are especially important in work cases involving the driving of commercial vehicles.

So, we can say that Aseguranza de Auto recommends you and tells you that the best thing you can do before buying a vehicle is to request one of these records, it will even tell you how many miles it had the last time the odometer was measured, from this way you will know if the odometer is altered.