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Coverages and Deductibles

Coverages and deductibles offered by Aseguranza de Auto

Our insurance company always thinks about the comfort and well-being of its distinguished clientele. We think about the wide variety of clients that can access our services. Therefore, we decided to design various policies adapted to each of your particular needs. Because you are special and part of our distinguished family. Below is the range of car insurance offered by Aseguranza de Auto Insurance.

Vehicle Liability (Liability)

It protects in case of accidents caused to cars and property belonging to other individuals, which have suffered damage during these unpleasant events.

Full Coverage car insurance

It is the policy with the best car insurance coverage in the insurance market. Triggered when insured cars are major players in incidents. These can be: impact with animals. Glass breakage for reasons specified in the policy. Destruction caused by fire or different disasters originated in nature.

Collision deductible protection 

The coverage of this policy involves only incidents originating in the cars of the people insured with our company. It is important to note that the repair of automobiles, material goods, and medical expenses of third parties is not covered.

Protection against a wide variety of risks

The Complete Coverage or Full Coverage Insurance implies responses from the insurer to any type of event that produces general damage. Either to the property or the people involved in the events. This policy covers the events mentioned in the following section:

-Collisions: you are protected by Auto Insurance in cases where the vehicle is damaged during a crash. It doesn’t matter who caused it. We must prevent scenarios where you originate the accident, or it is generated by third parties.

Auto Theft: Always consider that someone else’s friends work 24 hours a day. Therefore, we place our protective hands to protect one of your most precious assets, such as your beloved car.

Disasters coming from Nature: For this reason, our company anticipates any fortuitous event that may occur. So that you are prevented at all times, buy car insurance. Imagine going out for a drive on vacation, a flood, a snowfall, or a fire breaks out that affects your car, either mildly or severely. Auto Insurance is present there, permanently and effectively. So that you always feel protected and proud to have our friendly hand, full of cordiality and respect.

-Medical expense coverage: is generated in cases where injuries occur. At the time of contracting, all these situations are specified clearly and concisely in the insurance policy. You should always keep in mind that health costs are very high for you. Therefore, it is more convenient to purchase car insurance with the coverages and deductibles that cancel all these expenses every time the insured requires it.

How to choose excellence on coverages and deductibles?

Buying car insurance is a really serious matter. You must study where to buy it and what type of policies is ideal to cover your needs. Getting auto insurance gives you peace of mind and a life full of happiness. It is important to note that the Liability insurance is basic insurance, which is required of all drivers. In other words, according to road laws, it must be acquired on a mandatory basis.

But, as is evident, this insurance does not offer extensive coverage, nor does it cover all types of incidents. Therefore, in the section that follows below, we show you our ideal recommendations for obtaining the best insurance with Aseguranza de Auto Insurance.

Why should you get Car Insurance with additional coverages and deductibles?

When you buy a car you also assume a responsibility. It is not just about safeguarding your property. You must answer, by law for the damage that may result if it is the cause of an accident. There is a minimum policy of requirement, called Liability Insurance. Responsible for the damage caused to the property of other people, as well as for the medical expenses of third parties.

It is always important to note that liability insurance is a policy that covers only the minimum requirements. Aseguranza de Auto Insurance advisers will recommend a policy with greater coverage. Obviously, always under the possibilities and economic availability of you and your family. This procedure is carried out in order to be calm at the time of an eventuality that causes accidents to third individuals.

Of course, there are policies that offer optimal conditions against liability insurance. In particular, the one considered Premium by us is Full Coverage, whose benefits are detailed in the section described below.

Recommendations to purchase the ideal auto insurance

Aseguranza de Auto Insurance recommends you obtain a Full Coverage policy because it covers all the possibilities of claims, which can appear at any time. Because your car can be subjected to multiple negative events. They can cause problems for you and your family.

Getting a Full Coverage policy is the best option we can offer to our valued policyholders. Because it reflects a perfect cost/benefit balance and gives you a world of profitable options when a wide variety of incidents appear.

How does an Auto Insurance deductible work?

The deductible is a fraction of the expense that you must pay in the event that your car is affected by some unpleasant event. This amount is established by a common agreement between the insured / insurance during the elaboration of the policy. This process allows sharing the responsibility for the car, in addition to protecting the insurer against events generated on purpose.

How to choose the coverages and deductibles?

-Frequency with which your car suffers accidents. If you start as a driver, the idea is that you choose a policy with a low-cost deductible, even when the monthly payment is high. This is because the probability of collisions is higher, relative to veteran drivers. Since every time a crash occurs, you have to pay a deductible.

-The insurance company does not pay for damages with an amount less than the deductible. For example, if you have a deductible of $500, an accident happens and the damage repair expenses generated do not reach this amount, since then the insurer does not pay for the problems caused. The insurance only pays for damages that exceed the amount of the deductible agreed in the insurance policy.

-Damages generated to third parties without originating a deductible. The insurance should make the repairs at no cost to you. This is if you drive and hit a car head-on, damaging the other person without affecting your car. Of course, your insurance must cover damages to third parties.

Likewise, it is essential to highlight that when you take out insurance that has a deductible, we reach an agreement on both sides. There it is stipulated that when your car is damaged, you pay a portion that is set in the contract. In addition, it is clearly and precisely determined that the insurance only covers expenses for damages that exceed the amount of the deductible. The same is previously determined in the policy.

Get your policy of Full Coverage with Aseguranza de Auto Insurance

Contact our insurance company and set up a meeting with our advisers, a friendly, dedicated, and highly qualified staff. Whose function is to guide you in acquiring the best insurance policy on the market. Aseguranza de Auto Insurance is excellence made safe, with unsurpassed quality, immediate and reliable attention. We are at your entire disposal, 24 hours a day, throughout the year. We will make an alliance that lasts in time and space, to achieve your happiness and completeness.

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