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States that require insurance in the US

Which states require insurance?

Having Insurance nowadays is a responsibility that we all have. Not having an insurance policy is a huge risk, since you are completely exposed. You could go through a lot of stress if you can’t cover the cost of the damage that an accident leaves. We are not only talking about car accidents, but also all kinds of risks you may be in. Either a robbery in your home or damage to your home due to natural disasters among others. That is why we must always be well-informed and know what kind of insurance policy we need. In some states, it’s already necessary to have at least one basic insurance. What states require insurance? We’ll tell you right here.


You must have coverage in most states

Don’t be of the people who think that Insurance is for rich people. People who have money to spend and can have the luxury of spending on insurance. If you think like that, you are completely wrong. Our team of specialized agents can help you. Here they will guide you step by step to find the best policy. Of course, always based on your needs and possibilities.


You have wondered, what states require insurance? Most states require at least basic coverage. It’s recommended to have Insurance but not required in all 50 states. 48 states require at least basic coverage. The two states that don’t require it are New Hampshire and Virginia. In Virginia, they have the option of paying $500 per year to avoid having to buy Insurance. In New Hampshire, residents need to pay any damage they may have in the event of a car accident. If not, their license and registration can get suspended.


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