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Our DMV services make your life much easier, we can register and insure your off-road vehicles!

What are Off-Highway vehicles? (OHVs)

OHVs are vehicles that are exempt from registration and that operate exclusively off public highways and highways (does not include: tracks, logging roads or service roads, regardless of surface material and trails with approximate slope). OHVs include, among others, motorcycles, motorcycles, trail bikes, sand dunes/buggies, off-road vehicles (ATVs), jeeps and snowmobiles.

A vehicle must be identified as an OHV, unless it is registered for road use, or is exempt from identification (ID) (California Vehicle Code (CVC) §§38006, 38010, 38012 and 38013).

OHVs are vehicles such as racing motorcycles, trail bikes, mini bikes, dune buggies, off-road vehicles, jeeps and snowmobiles. These vehicles are operated exclusively outside public roads and highways in open lands and accessible to the public. They do not require regular registration, but they must show a nameplate or device issued by the DMV.

It is not necessary to register a vehicle for use both on and off the road. The valid registration on the road allows the vehicle to be operated on and off the road. Vehicles registered for road use can only be subject to a “use rate” if they are operated in OHV parks.

ATV Insurance

Do I need an identification plate?

The OHVs show an identification plate issued by the DMV. A new identification plate is issued every two years upon renewal of registration.

Most off-road vehicles are designed for adventure, whether you enjoy the trail on a snowmobile or reach the apex of your snowmobile. But some “off-road” activities are a little more relaxed. Your golf cart, for example, can never exceed 15 miles per hour.

Whatever your off-road style,International Insurance offers specialized insurance for your vehicle. Covered vehicles include:

  • Snowmobile
  • Motocross motorcycles
  • Dune Buggies
  • Golf carts
  • ATV with 3 wheels, 4 wheels and 6 wheels
  • Extra coverage for additional protection
  • You can also adapt each policy to your needs off the road with:
  • Greater limits of responsibility
  • Coverage for towable trailers and sledges
  • Transport trailer coverage
  • Optional equipment
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