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RZR permit for Mexico

What permit do I need to take a RZR to Mexico?

If you want to have a pleasant vacation traveling with your RZR side by side to Mexico, the main thing is to know what permits you need. These can be the permit to enter Mexico and the RZR permit for Mexico.

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Remember that your permit can take up to 2 weeks. Do not leave without your permit and do the procedure with us.

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It is extremely important that you keep your driving record free of fines. Therefore, the ideal is to know the necessary permits to enter Mexico. First of all, you should know that it is illegal to ride a motorcycle that is not insured. If your RZR Side By Side is not insured yet, then you should visit our page, in the Mexico insurance section. We have all the necessary information and the best advisers who know about the RZR permit for Mexico.

Thus, to enter and drive without any problem your RZR Side by side in Mexico you must have a permit to enter that country. This is exclusive for tourists, foreigners, to vacation temporarily. It should be clarified that in the Consulates of Mexico, in the USA, you can process this permit as a tourist. In addition, you can also obtain this permission in the border modules.


Conditions and requirements for the RZR permit for Mexico

Now, it is important that you are clear about the conditions and requirements you need for your RZR permit for Mexico.

You must not have debts for vehicles imported temporarily and that are not returned abroad.
You should have an International Credit or Debit Card in your name.
Have a valid title or license plate registration that accredits you as the owner of your RZR Side By Side, issued by the competent authority in your country.
You must also have the lease in your name and the Credit contract in your name.
If the Title of your RZR is in the name of your spouse, child, parents, or siblings, you must present the birth or marriage certificates to prove the relationship.
As a necessary requirement, you will need to provide your RZR’s license plate number, which can be found on the title deed or license plate registration.

Permits cost:

Something important that you should know is that the cost of the ATV permit for Mexico of Temporary Importation is $52.20 USD at the exchange rate to Mexican pesos. Likewise, you must leave a Guarantee Deposit for your RZR Side By Side at the time of processing, this according to the model and year of your RZR Side By Side.

Model-Year & Amount of Guarantee equivalent in national currency

2007 and later – $400

2001 to 2006 – $300

2000 and prior – $200


Reintegration of your payment:

Once you have registered your final return in a Banjercito border module within the validity period of the permit, Banjercito will refund the guarantee deposit that you left when you entered Mexico, for which it is important that you take into account the following:

If your payment was in cash, the deposit will be given to you in full cash at the border modules.
If your payment was by credit or debit card, the refund will be made by Banjercito to your same card the next banking business day after your return, for the same amount of Mexican pesos initially deposited.

However, it is very important that you consider that the final refund process is the responsibility of the bank that issued your card, and it may take up to 20 days for the pesos to be reconverted to dollars and credited to your account; Therefore, in case you have problems with your return, Banjercito cannot assist in this final process, so you must contact your bank for the corresponding claim.

In addition, it is important that you consider the exchange effect when your bank reconverts the return of pesos to dollars, as well as the commissions that your bank charges you for the use of your card, so the amount of your original deposit will be reduced accordingly to the policies and commissions charged by the issuing bank of your Credit or Debit card.


Other requirements for the RZR Permit for Mexico

For your vacation in Mexico to be perfect you must have all the requirements to obtain the RZR permit for Mexico. Among the requirements are your valid passport or passport card (Passport Card) and the official document issued by the immigration authority. Clarifying that the Temporary Import process of your RZR Side By Side can only be carried out in Banjercito modules located at the border and at consulates.

If you process the permit online or in a consular module and you are an American, Canadian, or permanent resident in the United States of America or Canada, and you want to enter Mexico with the idea of vacation, then you need to process a temporary import permit for your RZR. You must obtain an Electronic Pre-Authorization on the website of the National Migration Institute.

Your RZR permit will be granted for the same days authorized in that pre-authorization. Additionally, the moment you enter Mexican territory you must present yourself to the immigration authorities. This in order to change your pre-authorization for the definitive immigration form that allows you to enter Mexico.

The electronic pre-authorization may be used within the following 30 calendar days from its issuance. This is to complete the temporary importation of vehicles.

This electronic pre-authorization is valid only once for the purpose of processing the temporary importation of your RZR.


Payment Methods

For the procedures and payment to obtain the Temporary Import permit for your corresponding RZR, as well as the guarantee deposit, it must be made in the form of payment provided. Also depending on the place where you acquired said permit.

By being clear about each of the permits you need, you have no choice but to enjoy our beautiful tourist places. So that you are even calmer, remember that in our country you can also take out Insurance for Mexico. Like to get your RZR insurance. Remember that the most important thing is your well-being wherever you want to be.

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